Great Westways Covers

This month Westways magazine celebrates some of the wonderful artwork that has graced its covers through the decades with both a cover piece in the current (November/December) issue and an exhibition at the Pasadena Museum of California Art entitled Scenic View Ahead that will run from November 14-February 21, 2011.

Published since 1909 by the Automobile Club of Southern California, first as Touring Topics then from 1934 onward as Westways, the magazine has for over a century provided not only a wealth of practical motoring news/advice, but also great travel tips, articles on Western history and people, and myriad other useful and fun features not the least being some beautiful cover art.

In honor of the Westways Cover Art Program here is a brief sampling of a few of my many favorite Touring Topics/Westways covers from the 1920’s-1970’s.

January 1928 by Mon Randall

February 1930 by Maynard Dixon

July 1940 by Ben Franklin. Just look at all the little stories going on here.

July 1946 by Phil Paradise

September 1956 by Bill Tara

October 1969 by Marv Rubin

July 1970 by Bill Tara


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2 Responses to Great Westways Covers

  1. Dee says:

    I had no idea Westways magazine had such beautiful, surprising, classy, whimsical front covers until you showed me some. Now, I save the last page (a photo, usually black and white, of a different era) from the magazine but the front covers from earlier eras made the magazine seem so much more interesting. When did the cover art change its artistic mission?

  2. lotusgreen says:

    the background on the randall is so pretty. thanks for the collection.

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