Rotogravure Sunday

During the 1920’s, Touring Topics published a special Rotogravure section that featured some remarkable photographs of Southern California and the West, taken by some remarkably talented photographers. These beautiful pictures captured a glimpse of California as it was during one of the most significant periods of its development. As I have recently acquired a large cache of these rotogravure sections I thought I’d share them as part of a regular Rotogravure Sunday. Enjoy!

Carmel Mission by Ernest M. Pratt

Castle Rock near Topanga by Loyd Cooper

Chatsworth Hills by Albert J. Koper

A Malibu Canyon by Elmer Fryer

Oasis of Mara. Twentynine Palms by Willard Wood

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2 Responses to Rotogravure Sunday

  1. Mike D says:

    Love the Oasis of Mara and Malibu Canyon photos. Really beautiful. I never thought of Malibu as being rugged terrain. (Guess I’ve been watching too much “Two and a Half Men”.)

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