Paradise Found – It’s in Hawaii

The Historic Oahu Country Club. Just across from 187 Dowsett Avenue.

Today marks the 69th anniversary of the “day that will live in infamy,” when Imperial Japan launched a devastating sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, shattering the peaceful island paradise and thrusting a stunned America, with swift and sudden fury, into World War II.


A mute witness to that fateful day was this magnificent colonial estate, nested up in the lush and historic Nu’uanu Valley and but a short stroll from Hanaiakamalama, the Summer Palace of Hawaii’s famous Queen Emma and her husband, King Kamehameha IV and the historic Oahu Country Club.

I mentally swim in this pool every day.

Built in 1925 and on the market for the first time in many years, this stunning estate is sited on one of the most beautiful parcels of land I have seen, 3.72 acres of tropical woodlands with its own waterfall and pond (which I suspect was the original 1925 swimming pool). Although I think of Hawaii as an extremely beautiful place, I have never heard its call until I saw this extraordinary estate. There is something indescribable about this place that keeps me staring slack-jawed at it whenever I need a quick escape from reality (I’ll let you guess how often that is). Of course, I couldn’t afford its $8,395,000 price tag, but now that its been slashed to a mere $6,395,000, I am seriously considering it and have doubled my weekly lottery purchases to help make that possible. But in case you get to it first, I’d like to offer you the listing information here. Aloha nua loa.

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