1,000+ Visitors Already! Aye Carumba!!!

When I started this blog just two months ago, I knew I’d have at least one reader, that being my loving and loyal sister, but as of Monday the blog has surpassed more than 1,000 visitors and I’m so thrilled I wanted to thank you all in a special way. So please enjoy the following picture of Carmen Miranda. Rowwwwrrr!
Not your thing? Then maybe a little Eugene Pallette will delight your palette….
And who wouldn’t want their porch light cleaned by Edna May Oliver?
Edward Arnold likes Paradise Leased almost as much as his wife’s hat.
Bob “Bazooka” Burns has baked a cake to celebrate.
After all, what other site shows you Alice Terry’s bathroom?
Or Wallace Beery’s bedroom?
Jane Darwell sure hopes you’ll come back for more. She’s got a house in the valley she’s dying for you to hear about.
Thank you all so much for dropping in and taking a look at my little endeavor and I’ll do my best to put up things that will keep you coming back. And remember, I love hearing from you too! Let me know what you think. Facebook page coming soon! And tell your friends. The more the merrier!
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3 Responses to 1,000+ Visitors Already! Aye Carumba!!!

  1. Lucas Crown says:

    Thank you for creating such a beautiful website! You are an extraordinary historian and a talented writer. Great work!

  2. Taylor Young says:

    No surprise to me! Wonderful work, Mr. Vaught.

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