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On Top of the Heap With Chester Conklin

If you are a fan of Charlie Chaplin then you have to be a fan of Chester Conklin. Maybe the name doesn’t ring a bell, but the face surely must. This walrus-mustachioed genius was one of the original “Keystone Kops” … Continue reading

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Rotogravure Sunday

For this week’s installment of Rotogravure Sunday,¬†here are a few more photos from the old Touring Topics rotogravure sections from the 1920’s for a little armchair time traveling. The color tinting, by the way, is the way they were originally … Continue reading

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Beautiful Magazine Art

I love her! She looks like Marion Davies.

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“Get Me Giesler!” Hollywood’s First Superstar Lawyer

In days of yore, whenever a celebrity got themselves into hot water the cry of “Get Me Giesler!” could be heard reverberating across the foothills and into the canyons of Hollywood. The reason was simple,¬†Jerry Giesler (pronounced Geese-ler) could get … Continue reading

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1,000+ Visitors Already! Aye Carumba!!!

When I started this blog just two months ago, I knew I’d have at least one reader, that being my loving and loyal sister, but as of Monday the blog has surpassed more than 1,000 visitors and I’m so thrilled … Continue reading

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White Hot Christmas – The Bing Crosby Estate Fire

It was exactly 68 years ago tonight that Bing Crosby’s elegant Toluca Lake mansion at 10500 Camarillo Street was virtually destroyed by fire. The culprit was none other than the family Christmas tree, which, as anyone who has had a … Continue reading

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Lost Hollywood – A Swimmingly Grand Estate in Brentwood Heights

Today, a backyard swimming pool is such a common amenity it can be found even in the humblest of tract houses, but for centuries past a private pool was an object of the highest luxury reserved for only the very … Continue reading

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Rotogravure Sunday

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Beautiful Magazine Art – Happy New Year!


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