Lottie Builds Her Dream House

But where she built it is anybody’s guess…

Here's our lovely home builder Lottie anxious to take up residence. How about that coat!!

Last year I ran across a set of photos from the 1920’s showing the progress of a house being built. Maddeningly, there was nothing with or on the photos to determine where this was though. It is clearly not Southern California. I vaguely remember the seller saying something about the Pacific Northwest but this may have been a guess more than anything, but it’s one step above nothing.

Wouldn’t it be great to find where this house is and surprise the current owner with these pictures? Maybe someone will recognize the place or at least the area, but I’m not holding my breath. So with nothing else to go on why don’t we call the fetching young lady who built her little Italian Villa Lottie?

Now that introductions are out of the way, please enjoy a few pictures of pretty Lottie and her pretty mystery house from 1925-1926.

October 29, 1925

Construction begins. So much promise...

November 21, 1925

Progress! Lottie's already there planning her first dinner party.

December 19, 1925

Now we're getting somewhere! First floor is up. Lottie thought Italian best.

January 5, 1926

Here comes the 2nd floor! Note the underground garage. Thoroughly Modern Lottie!

May 1, 1926

What a difference four months makes! Lottie's picking out curtains.

Lottie's mother Minerva checks out the new digs. She originally opposed Lottie's house building adventure, but now she's already picked out "her" room.

A longer view shows Lottie wasn't alone in her house building scheme. Her friend Edwina is building also. Looks like they used the same architect.

July 10, 1926

Finished! Lottie has herself a very pretty house indeed.

Lottie wants you to see the back too.

Lottie is the Bee's Knees even while doing her daily domestics. Those shoes for housework?

A very charming young lady in the garden of her very charming house. Good job, Lottie!

A happy home in its first winter dress.

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2 Responses to Lottie Builds Her Dream House

  1. Dee says:

    What a mystery!

  2. Steven says:

    DEf not S. Ca with the snow…….but where would that Architecture be popular at that time where it would snow? Not New England……. I’m not familar with the South West. Great Photos. I have a friend who collects house photo’s of the North East, but currently resides in CA. He’s a Architectural Historian, Profession, I’m only an amateur. His collection is currently sagging a friends second floor!

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