Hungry Time Travelers to 1920’s Los Angeles Recommend…

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3 Responses to Hungry Time Travelers to 1920’s Los Angeles Recommend…

  1. David Ko says:

    During the 70’s. I remember going to the LA Central Library looking through the Microfiche of 1920’s issues of the Los Angeles Times I saw many of these nostalgic ads. It was interesting to see many of these early eatery pioneers found their convenient locations near hotels and apartment houses likely where many singles lived. The later commercial zones just grew around them.

  2. John Nisbet says:

    Another great one, Steve. I’m really curious about the Universal Studio Inn (of course). I wonder where it was located, and how long it lasted!

    But my favorite has to be Katie Kohn’s Kosher Restaurant…
    “Sure, Mrs. Kohn, the sign’ll look great with that big red KKK on it!”

    • Steve says:

      Me too! I’ve got a picture of it, but I’m still trying to figure out exactly where it was. I think Lankershim and Cahuenga there near where Miceli’s is. In that area I suspect, but more research is required. And yes, the KKK Resturaunt, not so good of an idea.

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