Beautiful Magazine Art – California Arts & Architecture

One of the best publications to emerge from California in the 1920’s was the magnificent California Arts & Architecture, a beautifully mounted publication that came about from the combination of three older publications – Pacific Coast Architect; California Home Owner and California Southland. At 35 cents a copy or $3.00 a year, California Arts & Architecture was a very high-end publication catering to the well-to-do. With such impressive names in the field of arts and architecture on its staff and advisory board as Gordon B. Kaufmann, Reginald Johnson, Mark Daniels, H. Roy Kelley and David C. Allison, California Arts & Architecture was guaranteed to be an elegant high-class production, which it always was. Each issue is a wonderful look at what was then the latest in California architecture and allied arts such as painting, sculpture, furniture design and interior decoration, photography, music, landscape architecture, theater and motion pictures. Even the advertisements were tasteful and classy. Unlike so many other high-end publications, California Arts & Architecture managed to struggle its way through the Depression by being one cut above. If you can ever get your hands on any issues -do! They are very rare, but worth the trouble.

Here are some examples from this exceptional publication for your enjoyment. Works of art in themselves!

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14 Responses to Beautiful Magazine Art – California Arts & Architecture

  1. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh……. are these all from your famous collection?

    This is my favorite magazine of all time, especially prior to World War II…

    Have you seen John Crosse’s wonderful blog post about “California Arts & Architecture”?

    • Steve says:

      They are. Aren’t they great? I’d love to get every one of them, but, as you know, they are so hard to find. And, no, I hadn’t seen his blog. Absolutely amazing. My head is hurting from what a great job he did. Serious, serious stuff!

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  3. John Crosse says:

    Nice collection Steve. Thanks for the kind words.

  4. KD says:

    Would like to find the August 1935, V 48. 10 edition of California Arts and Architecture. Article on John Palo Kangas “Iron Mike”, Spirit of CCC Worker sculpture displayed @ San Diego Expo. Are these magazined archived and if so where are they held? Thank you. KD

    • Steve says:

      Hi KD:

      Thanks for the question. I’m answering you separately, but also wanted to post on the blog my reply that I do not know of a specific archive for these fantastic old magazines. I wish I did. I’d love to get my hands on every copy published if I could!

  5. jetsetrnv8r says:

    Hello Steve – A friend just turned me onto your blog and I am totally captivated! I can’t get enough! I’ve just spent an entire morning letting urgent business pile up while I pored over every entry. Keep up the excellent work!

    I would beg to differ with you on your statement that California Arts & Architecture “faded away” by the start of World War II. According to my research, the October 1936 cover story on the Davidson Residence, better known as Palm Springs’ “Ship of the Desert” now owned by fashion designer Trina Turk, was a turning point leading to the sale of the magazine in 1938 to an employee, John Entenza, who dropped “California” from the title and took the magazine national and went on to sponsor the ground-breaking Case Study House program. As “Arts & Architecture”, the magazine continued to thrive well into the 1960s. You can read about it here:

    • Steve says:

      Thanks so much for the kind comment AND thanks for the correction on the history of California Arts & Architecture. You’re absolutely right. Thank you!!!

  6. ddupmul says:

    The Pasadena Public library has California Southland Magazine at their reference desk – they are bound per year. I know they had 1923 and 1924. They probably have others as well. You cannot take them out of the library, but you can look at them while you are in the library. If anyone knows where I could buy the Dec 1923 and/or Jan 1924 issues, I would be grateful.

  7. Steve Saenz says:

    Fantastic images! I am looking for a color image of the cover of the June 1930 issue of CA&A. If anyone knows where we might find one, please let me know. We might also be interested in the entire issue if anyone has one for sale. Thank you.


    Hello everybody,

    If someone is interested, I have for sell California Arts & Architecture from July to December 1929, bound in one volume, perfectly well preserved.

    Also I have many other books of Architecture from an inheritance, including, from instance: – “Documents d´Architecture Interieurs Francais” by Badovici (1924);
    “The Proffesional Architectural Monthly” (1928 and 1929 complete),
    “Moderne Bauformen für Architektur” (1904),
    “Architectura” by Vitruvio Polion (1787),
    and many others.

    All of them for sell.

    I live in Spain


    I forgot, my email is (ELVIRA GZ PABLOS)

  10. amaranta says:

    Hola! Sabria decirme el nombre y autor de la portada del año 1932.
    Muchas gracias!

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