Time Traveling This Weekend? Why Not Stop in at These Fine Establishments?

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9 Responses to Time Traveling This Weekend? Why Not Stop in at These Fine Establishments?

  1. Mira Hershey says:

    What a great collection– hugely evocative of the palmy leisure of old SoCal…

    • Steve says:

      Thank you Mira for the kind words. I’m sure you noticed I included your Hershey Arms (a great place tragically lost) and the Darby, which I believe was Mira Hershey’s first hotel in L.A. The Hollywood Hotel, of course, deserves its own separate post – or own book really. Thanks so much for the nice comment (and great user name!)

    • Linda Bissell Freccia says:

      Hi Mira Hershey,

      I’m intrigued with your name as the original Mira Hershey was my great-great Aunt on the maternal side. She died before I was born, but my mother remembers her Aunt Mira and the Hollywood Hotel well. Quite a character and what a role she played in early Hollywood! Wish I could interview her….

  2. Good research and fun post. Many of these places still exist….

  3. Robby says:

    What fun ads, especially the Ambassador one with the doodles around the border. The Smoke Tree Ranch – is that the logo Walt Disney had on some of his ties he is seen wearing in the early 1960s?

    • Steve says:

      Thanks Robby and by jove I think you’re right. I always wondered what that was too and never put two and two together. I knew he had a place in Palm Springs, but never connected to Smoke Tree Ranch until you pointed it out. THAT’S why you get the awards!!! Thanks! Always great hearing from you!

  4. Yes, Mr. Disney did use the Smoke Tree logo on some of his ties – in fact, the statue of Walt with Mickey the Mouse at Disneyland shows him in a Smoke Tree necktie.

    That wonderful Smoke Tree Ranch documentary I told you about has information about all of that.

    What a nice Tuesday Treat to see all of these wonderful places, I’m getting in my Pierce Arrow Time Machine and am heading right to the Desert Inn!

  5. Wonderful pics as always. This series of hotels reminds me of a hotel in Pasadena of which I know next to nuttin about: have you heard of the “Hotel London”, or “London Hotel”? In the early 20th century. I have an address & a brief mention of it in an ad. But that’s all I know. Thks.

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