Another “House of Mystery” Awaiting Rediscovery

The sharp-minded readers of PARADISE LEASED did so well in tracking down the location of our last Mystery House that I wanted to try again and send out a new challenge for you.  Put your best detective skills on for this one as I’d love to find out where this beautiful place is/was.

When I got this photo I was told this was “believed to be” a house in Beverly Hills and, yes, it looks like it could be the “Flats.” Further, it is a rather unusual flat-roofed Spanish house of good size on a VERY big lot with curving drive, great Churrigueresque entry and all. With all this, it should be easy. Should, but hasn’t been, at least for me. Adding to the problem is it is likely that this beautiful old house may no longer exist and a McMansion, or two, or three, sits where it once did.

I love the fact there's a workman with a ladder in the photo. See him in this closeup?

OK, PARADISE LEASED detective squad – Where has this house been hiding?


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4 Responses to Another “House of Mystery” Awaiting Rediscovery

  1. TheArtist says:

    Wow, these are really fun!
    Something we learned in the last one, if this does in fact still exist, it should be nearly completely obstructed by overgrowth and I would bet that that stucco has been replaced, or at least obscured by a century of painting. That front door façade is the real detail that is probably featured today as well as the upper floor ornamental window pillars.

    One more worker, standing on the ground below and behind the other guy, looking at the photographer : )

    It’s on a slight curve. Looks like a relatively small house. You know this building really wanted a cornice, I’d bet it has a new roof. Pasadena is a possibility. I was pretty sure I’ve seen that entrance, and on a search through Google Maps Street View of Lombardy, Orlando, California, Holladay, and others in Pasadena, I couldn’t locate it, but many are really similar. This is the closest I could find, at: 1126 Hillcrest G-Maps Link

    I sure hope someone walks by the actual house everyday, do your walks take you far enough Miss G? : )
    Thanks Steve, keep up the great work!

  2. amatuer says:

    It’s the George C. Rew House 1918 by Elmer Grey in Coronado CA.
    It is still standing but sadly has been split in two. The entrance is at 1124 F Avenue and the former dining/service wing is now 1265 Alameda Blvd.

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