Our Latest “House of Mystery” Case Has Been Solved!

Great news! Thanks to yet another eagle-eyed reader of PARADISE LEASED our latest House of Mystery has been identified and it’s a good one too. It turns out the house is none other than the George C. Rew Residence (Rew-Sharp House) on Coronado Island at 1124 F Avenue designed by legendary architect Elmer Grey in 1918. Our reader points out that although the house still exists not only has the land around it been subdivided but the house itself. It has been split in two with the former dining/service wing becoming a separate space at 1265 Alameda Aveune.

A Google Earth Street View of the Rew House. Note the Churrigueresque entry.

PARADISE LEASED is deeply grateful to reader “Amateur” for this great find! We will be sure and put up a new “House of Mystery” next week and I have little doubt it will be no match for our perceptive PARADISE LEASED detectives. Thanks again to “Amateur” who did a professional job catching this one. I would NEVER have gotten this one.

A Google Earth Aerial gives a good perspective. The Rew House property once occupied the whole triangle before subdivision.

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5 Responses to Our Latest “House of Mystery” Case Has Been Solved!

  1. TheArtist says:

    Such a surprise!!!

  2. Dee says:

    Fantastic and fascinating! Besides being an always compelling, informative blog, the readers are truly awesome!

  3. Robby says:

    How awesome that one of the readers was able to solve this mystery. What a great find. Too bad to hear that the home has been subdivided, but at least from the outside it looks like the home is in good condition.

  4. Lindsay Schwarz says:

    i used to live in this house :)!

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