Along the Coast Highway 1936

Travellers up and down the Coast Highway in the mid-1930’s were highly encouraged to stop and take a look at the unusual home of Mr. R.H. Stiles (how could they not?!), which was made, it is said, from “David Copperfield’s boat,” a set piece from the David O. Selznick production of the Charles Dickens classic from 1935 starring Freddie Bartholomew and W.C. Fields and directed by George Cukor. At the completion of the production, the boat was moved from its location at Hueneme Beach near Oxnard “some miles” down the coast where it was upturned and made into this novel dwelling.

The enterprising Mr. Stiles, seen posed here proudly before his handiwork, had announced plans to soon remodel the boat further into a seafood restaurant where steaming lobsters would be served within the bowels of “David Copperfield’s Boat.”

Don’t whirl by on your next trip between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Stop and inspect it and sample the red lobsters cooked nearby.

(Adelbert Bartlett/LA Herald-Examiner)

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