This Week’s Fabulous “House of Mystery” is Just Daring You to Find It…

Okay, the brilliant detectives that make up the readers of PARADISE LEASED have had a 100% success rate in solving the mysteries of our HOUSE OF MYSTERY questions and have discovered the locations of some pretty cool houses in the process. So…here we have this week’s mystery house and a very pretty one indeed too, n’cest pas?

I really like the style of this house with its bold Spanish/Mission styling and would love to find its location. It is supposedly Los Angeles, but as we learned from out last Mystery House, it may be somewhere else. I’m not so great a detective, but it’s clear the readers of PARADISE LEASED are. So, what say you of this new House of mystery. Where be it?

There is a note written on the back, which I will reproduce here. As it is hard to read in places I will try to transcribe it as well. Maybe you’ll have a different interpretation. They mention, if I read correctly, that the house fronts “the golf course.” The printed title “A.L. Weston Lake George Tel. Connection” seems to be the best clue. However, the only Lake George I’ve found in California is up near Mammoth and wouldn’t fit the topography.

This of course doesn’t do the house or the grounds justice. The sun room atop is the work room. Downstairs there is a living room, dining room, kitchen, breakfast room, 3 bedrooms, dressing room and 2 baths. Servant’s quarters over the cutey garage. And our own little grove of citrus trees which extends to the right. We front a grove and the golf course. It’s ideally located and of course we’re enjoying everything. 

(Thanks to Scott C. and Chris H. for solving the illegible words!)

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13 Responses to This Week’s Fabulous “House of Mystery” is Just Daring You to Find It…

  1. Marvin Stone says:

    Hi Steve . . . I love your “mystery house” series, very interesting designs and settings. Sorry I haven’t been able to help, but I’m enjoying seeing these properties . . . and quite amazed by the great detective work being done here.

    • Steve says:

      Hi Marvin:

      I agree! We’ve got some sharp customers out there. Hopefully, they’ll get to the bottom of this one. It’s a really great house. And thanks for your kind support. Always glad to hear from you.

  2. Scott C. says:

    Just found the blog. Looks like the first ‘illegible’ is “our own.” Not sure that helps.

  3. Chris H. says:

    Second illegible is “enjoying.” Wish I could place the house!

  4. Zellez says:

    I have no idea which one is, I wish I was around it to start playing detectives. By chance I found this blog and I am really thankful for it.

  5. reva saitman says:

    Has this one been solved?

    I found out that A. L. Weston was a photographer, and the postage area of the card indicates that the picture was taken between 1920 and 1945.

    • Steve says:

      No, it’s the only one that hasn’t yet. That’s great info! Do you have any indication of where A.L. Weston lived or operated from? I really think that “Lake George” Telephone connection is the key. But which Lake George? Sure would love to find it. It’s a great place. Thanks SO much, Reva! It can’t remain hidden for long.

  6. reva saitman says:

    Hi Steve,

    I found a picture he took in 1919 and it says: A. L. Weston, Billerica, Mass

    • Steve says:

      Fascinating (and great research!). I wonder if the mystery picture is of a vacation home he had somewhere else like California or Florida. There is a Lake George in Florida. Hmmm. This is most intriguing. Thank you, Reva!!! We’ll find it.

  7. reva saitman says:

    Hi Steve,

    I am still looking for this house. My idea is that it has to be a rental home at a vacation spot, thus the post card.

    Do you have any more hints?

    Thanks, Reva Saitman

    • Steve says:

      Thanks Reva for staying on this. I’ll bet that’s true. I can’t help but think the “Lake George” connection is the secret, but which Lake George? It’s a cool house, isn’t it?

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