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URGENT!!! Your Help is Needed NOW to Save the Historic Pickford/Fairbanks Studios!!!

As some of you may have heard, much of the historic old Pickford/Fairbanks/Goldwyn/United Artists/Warner Hollywood Studios (a/k/a The Lot) at Santa Monica Boulevards and Formosa Avenue is threatened with demolition – immediate demolition of some structures unless something is done to … Continue reading

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Why am I not surprised? Nothing gets past the readers of PARADISE LEASED and I’m so excited not only to get the answer to our latest House of Mystery puzzle in record time, but also what more has come out … Continue reading

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Our Latest “House of Mystery” is a Beauty

OK, put your detective hat on because it’s time for another House of Mystery! This one is a real beauty, a great 1930’s Georgian Colonial that could be a Coate, Dolena or Williams. Here’s what I know of the house … Continue reading

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Then and Now – 1100 Bel-Air Road

It was so exciting to learn yesterday from the ever-on-top-of-things Real Estalker that the great Mid-Century estate at 1100 Bel-Air Road has come up for sale not only because it was the longtime base of the legendary Art Linkletter, but also … Continue reading

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A New Look at the Old Spaghetti Factory Building

Recently, I did a post on the demolition of the old Old Spaghetti Factory Building at 5939 Sunset Boulevard and in it I wanted to show what a beautiful building it originally was when it was built in 1924 as … Continue reading

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“Gently Murdered” – The Curious Demise of Kitty Boy, Wealthiest Cat in Long Beach

The recent news that Hank, a nine year-old Maine Coon Cat (52 in human years), has entered the race for United States Senator from Virginia is already causing the fur to fly in what is surely going to be a … Continue reading

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