Three Cheers for The Down East Dilettante!

If you are familiar with the blog The Down East Dilettante then you know he does for historic East Coast residential architecture, history, people (plus lots of extra fun stuff) what I only dream of being able to do on Paradise Leased. He is certainly the most focused dilettante I have yet seen and it has paid off, not just for him, but for all us lovers of history who enjoy the blog immensely. Now comes the great news that a book is in the offing about the historic old Summer Cottages along the Maine Coast penned by the Dilettante himself. It is going to be published by Acanthus Press, a house that does beautiful work. This one will, no doubt, be no exception. A Spring 2014 publication date is planned so I have time to save my pennies. Beauty does not come cheap, you know.

The type of house the Down East Dilettante writes about.

CONGRATULATIONS DILETTANTE!!! (More please!) And if you haven’t checked out his site you’ll really love it. Dive in. It’s like sipping cocktails on an oceanfront terrace with a storied and well connected member of the gilded age haute monde who knows where the bodies are buried and has had enough Gin Rickey’s to tell you where they are.

Have a seat!

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