Beautiful Magazine Art – Arts & Decoration for March 1938

Arts & Decoration was always unabashedly a magazine for the 1%. Even in the midst of the Great Depression, with millions of unemployed haunting the streets, this high-end, high class publication cheerfully ran articles on such weighty topics as the latest in yachts; how to deal with servants; redecorating your country home (because, of course you had one) and the latest places to “summer.” As haughty as A+D was, however, you just couldn’t hate it. After all, how could you hate something so beautiful and A+D was always a beautiful magazine from stem to stern. And with a board of consulting editors that included Harrie T. Lindberg; Frank Lloyd Wright; Walter Hampden; Eva Le Gallienne and Lily Pons at least you know you were getting the very best from the very best.  A+D was always a class act and still so much fun to peruse today even if I’m not sure if I really want to redo my country house entirely in Hepplewhite.

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3 Responses to Beautiful Magazine Art – Arts & Decoration for March 1938

  1. srk1941 says:

    I LOVE Arts & Decoration! For a 1% magazine, they were featuring a lot of modern design in the 1930’s. Gilbert Rohde was featured often…

  2. John Robie says:

    Some issues can be found here:

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