Miracle on Bel-Air Road!

It’s Christmas in May!

Not long ago, lovers of MCM architecture were delighted by the news that the beautiful 1956 Schumacher/Linkletter Estate @ 1100 Bel-Air Road had come on the market for the first time in decades, a house that not only had a great historic residential pedigree, but also a brilliant architect in the form of Mr. Philmer J. Ellerbroek F.A.I.A. behind its sleek design. But as exciting as that news may have been at first, it soon struck terror in our hearts when the reality sunk in that here was a house, an “old” house in need of certain updates, sitting on 4.6 acres of some of the primest of prime Bel-Air land. You could almost hear the bulldozers revving up in anticipation. Mega McMansions here we come! Even the WSJ reported it as a “Teardown.”

The Lukens House Miracle. (Photos via Curbed LA/Elizabeth Daniels)

But while I was just about to swallow my daily bitter pill, I received the most incredible news from Stacy Wray, youngest granddaughter of Mr. Art Linkletter himself, who grew up on the estate and related the truly miraculous news the house had just sold – and to a buyer “who will not tear it down, but will in fact upgrade it’s already unique and special design.” Between this, Stavros Niarchos’ highly exciting last-second rescue of the Kronish House, Ron Burkle saving the Ennis House and Mike Chapman’s (hero of the year) stunning restoration of the seemingly hopelessly lost Lukens House I’m beginning to wonder what’s going on in L.A. Could we finally be beginning to understand what great architectural treasures we have here and to appreciate them rather than willfully destroy them? Nah, but great news is great news so let’s enjoy it when we get it. I don’t know who the savior is who bought this historic estate, but from all of us here at Paradise Leased, we send you the biggest thanks we can possibly muster. THANK YOU!!! And a very happy Memorial Day from myself and the gals at Paradise Leased!

Nellie and I have not been able to contain ourselves since hearing the news!

Special thanks to the wonderful Stacy Wray for the news and to the equally wonderful Christine Hoffman, granddaughter of Joseph C. and Theresa Schumacher, the original builders/owners of the house, for all their support and information. And lastly a very special thanks to Kelly McLaughlin, another of Art’s lovely granddaughter’s,  who has been a wealth of valuable information and support too! A happy day for preservation!

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6 Responses to Miracle on Bel-Air Road!

  1. Camille says:

    i can’t tell you how happy this makes me. Thanks for spreading the good news.

  2. Mary Mallory says:

    Wow, look at that tango! Go girls, go!

  3. Excellent news. Nellie’s gams are better than Ann Miller’s. And you know how it warms the cockles of my heart to see the hyphen in Bel-Air.


  4. Steven Price says:

    BTW, i just got back from touring the house. There is an estate sale going on Today (Thurs 5/31), Saturday (6/2) and Sunday (6/3); each day from10:00-4:00. It is the remaining furniture, antiques and personal memorabilia from the Linkletter estate. Even Lois’s mink coats! The house is GORGEOUS, reason enough for a visit. Click on: http://treasuresestatesales.com/Upcoming.html for info.

  5. Stacy Wray says:

    Steve- Beautiful article & far too kind! It makes my heart happy reading you were able to tour the house. I read somewhere someone had said the house had been “pickled” and I’m sure you found that to be very true. Other than the updated guest bath in the back, the house is in its most original form. Funny enough, just today I received the 50 year old set of family blocks in a wagon I used to play with in the back hall & pull around on the marble floor. I loved the clicking noise the wheels would make at the grout line :-)Bitter-sweet to let it go but happy to have been a part of the laughter that filled it’s halls.

  6. Marg says:

    Your clip and pastes are so funny. I am really enjoying this site. Thanks!

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