Garbo Rocks – A Great Blog!

GR1My friend Allison is an amazing lady on about 1,000 different levels. Not long ago did something so unbelievably cool and so unbelievably unexpected it makes my head hurt – she went to an auction and came back the owner of a collection of old record albums. But these aren’t just any old record albums. They were the personal records of none other than Greta Garbo! And they are vintage Rock ‘N Roll too!

When we think of Garbo we think lofty and unattainable. We assume she spent her days in faraway, weighty thoughts that only a rarefied few could ever possibly understand, yet here is something each and everyone has – a music collection. Whether or not it is on our iPads or still in “ancient” form on CDs we all have a music collection. This collection, mundane as it may be because of its commonality, is in fact not common at all but rather one of the most unique and telling things about us. It’s very personal. What type of music we enjoy is a window into our very souls. Imagine what we can learn about the mysterious Garbo by what music she grooved to up there in her Campanile apartment overlooking the East River.

Well, we don’t have to imagine because Allison has taken her surreal purchase and turned into a sublime blog. It’s called Greta’s Records and thanks to Allison you can groove along with Garbo as she rocks out to the Beatles, Chubby Checker, Professor Longhair and a wide and eclectic variety of other vintage performers. You will “vant to be alone” for a long time exploring this fun, fascinating blog put together as only the brilliant Allison Anders can do. You may never look at Greta Garbo the same way again!

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4 Responses to Garbo Rocks – A Great Blog!

  1. Dee says:

    Love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. Allison A. says:

    Oh Steve thank you SO MUCH!!!!! XO AA

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