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After 68 – Remembering the Unforgettable Ambassador in a New Documentary

I have risen momentarily from my blog-writing slumber to let everyone know about a wonderful new documentary project by producer/director Camilo Silva called After 68 that’s currently in the works on what is perhaps the single greatest loss of history to ever befall … Continue reading

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Ring Around “Rosy” – The “Magic Circle” Debacle at Wilshire and Western

One of the great terrors facing any American attempting to drive in Europe is the dreaded “roundabout,” a bizarre and incomprehensible (at least to most of us red blooded Americans) automotive whirlpool relentlessly hurtling speeding cars, buses, trucks and motorcycles … Continue reading

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Whatever Became of the “Honeymoon” Cottage?

How better to celebrate Valentine’s Day from a historic Hollywood architectural standpoint than a remembrance of Wallace Neff’s noble failure, the “Honeymoon Cottage?” Although architects and city planners had wrestled with it from time immemorial, the quest to provide affordable … Continue reading

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The Wilshire Boulevard of the Future – 1928

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A Mini Monterey Mini Masterpiece by Robert V. Derrah

Architect Robert V. Derrah, who died far too young at the age of 51 in 1946, has nonetheless left a lasting legacy in the form of some landmark streamline moderne structures around the Los Angeles area, most notably the iconic … Continue reading

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