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Happy Trails for the Hilltop House Ruins?

For those of you who have been following the saga  of Apple Valley’s once beautiful but now ruined Hilltop House here at Paradise Leased, which has recently come up for sale, I have an interesting update to share. My friend … Continue reading

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High Desert Paradise – Apple Valley’s Historic Hilltop House is For Sale!

Out of the nearly 200 posts presented by Paradise Leased, few have generated the kind of excitement that our 2011 post on Apple Valley’s famous, but forlorned Hilltop House has generated. When I first wrote the post I wasn’t sure if … Continue reading

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A Dream Forgotten – Nevada’s Enigmatic Stokes Castle

Apologies for the long delay in posts, but we here at Paradise Leased have had a very busy summer with much travelling hither and yon and a number of projects to complete. Things may continue to be shaky for a … Continue reading

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Interlude – Frank Lloyd Wright’s Imperial Hotel

Although Paradise Leased is essentially a blog dedicated to Southern California’s historic architecture on occasion we like to veer from the text if we feel it merits doing so. I recently rediscovered a set of photos and plans from one of … Continue reading

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Our Latest “House of Mystery” Case Has Been Solved!

Great news! Thanks to yet another eagle-eyed reader of PARADISE LEASED our latest House of Mystery has been identified and it’s a good one too. It turns out the house is none other than the George C. Rew Residence (Rew-Sharp House) … Continue reading

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Shangri-La has been found! It’s in Denver!

It was James Hilton’s best-selling 1933 novel Lost Horizon that first brought us the term “Shangri-La,” but it was Frank Capra who immortalized it with his epochal 1937 film version of the story starring Ronald Colman, Jane Wyatt, Sam Jaffe … Continue reading

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Lighting the Up the Coast – The Beacon Tavern and the “Richfield Lane of lights”

One of the great thrills of automobile ownership has always been in the freedom it affords. Just hop behind the wheel and you’re off to wherever your fancy takes you, from a quick jaunt to the neighborhood grocery store to … Continue reading

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High Glamour in the High Desert – The Apple Valley Inn

Even at the giveaway price of $2.75 an acre, most people probably thought Bernard “Bud” Westlund and Newton T. “Newt” Bass were crazy when they began buying up some 22,000 acres of “worthless” high desert land to the east of … Continue reading

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A Bachelor’s Christmas in New York

A few years ago I ran across an article in the December 1935 Arts & Decoration by Charles Hanson Towne describing his traditional Christmas brunch. The Kentucky-born Towne had moved with his family to Manhattan when he was just three … Continue reading

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Paradise Found – It’s in Hawaii

Today marks the 69th anniversary of the “day that will live in infamy,” when Imperial Japan launched a devastating sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, shattering the peaceful island paradise and thrusting a stunned America, with swift and sudden fury, into … Continue reading

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