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Blessed Buildings – St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral

After last Easter Sunday’s post on some early Hollywood churches, I realized I was merely scratching the surface when it came to the many beautiful and historic churches and synagogues found throughout Southern California. There are so many of them, … Continue reading

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Sneaking Through the Gates…A Private Tour of a Forgotten Luxury Enclave

Today, one of the ultimate symbols of status is to live in a private community safely hidden away and protected from the outside world by high walls and locked gates. “I’ll leave your name at the guard house,” must be a … Continue reading

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The President Comes to Hollywood…For a Minute

In honor of President’s Day, I thought it would be fun to take a look back to the very first visit by a chief executive to Hollywood. For more than a century, Hollywood has not only been a memorable stopping off place for … Continue reading

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Jack Dempsey on Western Avenue

When Jack Dempsey captivated the world by taking the heavyweight title in 1919, it was natural that Hollywood would come calling. Although his film career was fairly brief, the Dempsey films were nonetheless popular fare capitalizing on the Manassa Mauler’s renown. … Continue reading

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