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Sneaking Through the Gates…A Private Tour of a Forgotten Luxury Enclave

Today, one of the ultimate symbols of status is to live in a private community safely hidden away and protected from the outside world by high walls and locked gates. “I’ll leave your name at the guard house,” must be a … Continue reading

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Buster Takes a Dip

They called him the “Great Stone Face,” but this is, of course, a misnomer. There was nothing stone about the face of Buster Keaton. It was like rubber, able to convey every conceivable emotion using not only his eyes, but all of … Continue reading

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Stars With Big Heads

Everyone knows movie stars have to have enormous egos, otherwise they couldn’t be movie stars, right? Well, here are a few stars with really big heads – papier-mache ones that is, part of a group of 14 Big-Headed stars sent … Continue reading

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A Fantastic New Blog!!!

When my friend John Bengtson told me he was thinking about doing a blog called Silent Locations I couldn’t wait to see it! John has been my hero ever since he wrote the absolutely amazing SILENT ECHOES (Santa Monica Press) … Continue reading

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