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Stars With Big Heads

Everyone knows movie stars have to have enormous egos, otherwise they couldn’t be movie stars, right? Well, here are a few stars with really big heads – papier-mache ones that is, part of a group of 14 Big-Headed stars sent … Continue reading

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A Fantastic New Blog!!!

When my friend John Bengtson told me he was thinking about doing a blog called Silent Locations I couldn’t wait to see it! John has been my hero ever since he wrote the absolutely amazing SILENT ECHOES (Santa Monica Press) … Continue reading

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“Get Me Giesler!” Hollywood’s First Superstar Lawyer

In days of yore, whenever a celebrity got themselves into hot water the cry of “Get Me Giesler!” could be heard reverberating across the foothills and into the canyons of Hollywood. The reason was simple, Jerry Giesler (pronounced Geese-ler) could get … Continue reading

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Another Chaplin House? It Ain’t Necessarily So!

Why it seems like it was just the other day I was commenting on the proliferation of spurious Charlie Chaplin residences popping up about Hollywood and just the next day Curbed L.A. proved my point (thanks Curbed!) by reporting on an adorable little … Continue reading

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Charlie Chaplin Slept Here. No, Really.

If you’ve ever tried to rent a vintage apartment in Hollywood chances are you have been told that Charlie Chaplin, Valentino and/or Marilyn Monroe built it/used to live there/now haunt it and/or that Gable & Lombard used it as a “love … Continue reading

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