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Here Comes Ozzie & Harriet’s House

While there are many houses in the Hollywood Hills that can lay claim to having once been home to motion picture and television stars, few can be said to have been stars themselves. One notable exception is the charming Colonial-styled residence at 1822 … Continue reading

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Laughs From the Past

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Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like a Carton of Cigarettes!


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Ho! Ho! Ho! Hack! Hack! Hack!

Next year forget the cookies and milk. Leave him a pack of Luckies!

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A Bachelor’s Christmas in New York

A few years ago I ran across an article in the December 1935 Arts & Decoration by Charles Hanson Towne describing his traditional Christmas brunch. The Kentucky-born Towne had moved with his family to Manhattan when he was just three … Continue reading

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The Hollywood That Never Was – Behemoth Hotels in Beachwood Canyon

In 1908, the foothills and canyons of Hollywood were still largely undeveloped, more the denizen of jackrabbits and coyotes than of humans. And yet, even at this early stage in Hollywood’s development, there were some who envisioned great building projects where only … Continue reading

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Rotogravure Sunday

The original caption for this photograph was: “From ‘mewling infant’ to ‘second childishness’ fishing holds a dominant appeal to wary red-blooded man. The poets may sing of flowers of spring, but to the sportsman the season spells opportunity for another sortie against … Continue reading

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Beautiful Magazine Art – Happy Holidays!

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A Great Character Home of a Great Character Actor

If you want to get a sense of what Hollywood was like in the 1920’s,  you need look no further than Whitley Heights. There you will find a virtual time capsule of silent era glamour with dozens of red tile-roofed … Continue reading

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“Are You Lonesome Tonight?” – The Los Angeles Lonesome Club

Some day soon, and it’s probably already happening, kids will be asking, “Daddy, what was life like before Facebook?” And with great wonder in their eyes they will inquire, “Was it true that if you had 500 ‘friends’ you actually would have … Continue reading

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