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A “Lesser” Known House in Rustic Canyon

(Apologies in advance for the punny title.) In the annals of film history the name Sol Lesser might not be a household one, but it remains a most interesting one to be sure. This veteran producer of more than 100 … Continue reading

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Where in the Sam Hill(s) is It? – The Verdugo Hills, That’s Where!

I’m thrilled to announce that Miss G, an eagle-eyed reader of PARADISE LEASED has spotted, identified and bagged our wily mystery house, which I posted in Where in the Sam Hill(s) is It?, just a few days past. The charming … Continue reading

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Sneaking Through the Gates…A Private Tour of a Forgotten Luxury Enclave

Today, one of the ultimate symbols of status is to live in a private community safely hidden away and protected from the outside world by high walls and locked gates. “I’ll leave your name at the guard house,” must be a … Continue reading

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Where in the Sam Hill(s) is It?

Some time ago I found this great old photograph of a Missiony-Spanishy-style house in the hills. The question is – what hills? There was no accompanying information with the photo and I am curious to see if anyone might have … Continue reading

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The Siege of Fort Anthony – Part III – Conclusion

And now at last, at long, long overdue last, is the conclusion of the thrilling story of the Siege of Fort Anthony. Since it’s been so long in coming if you’d like a refresher on parts I and II just click on … Continue reading

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