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Meet the Ladies of Paradise Leased!

Lately, there’s been a passel, an absolute passel I tell you, of curiosity regarding “the staff” at Paradise Leased. Well, my dedicated cadre of helpmates are a bit publicity shy to be sure, but I think some sunshine might do … Continue reading

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Nellie Naysayer Wants to Rain on the Parade Again…

Our old (and I do mean old) friend Nellie Naysayer has been deceptively quiet lately with her bursitis and all, but after spying some recent postings about Hollywood’s famous Chateau Le Trianon Apartments having been built by Mary Pickford and Douglas … Continue reading

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Then & Now – The John H. Blair and C.F. DeWitt Estates

Some of early Hollywood’s grandest homes were built not for movie stars, but real estate developers. These men were born showmen who often used their own homes to serve as advertisements for the tracts they were marketing. Two of Hollywood’s most … Continue reading

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Another Chaplin House? It Ain’t Necessarily So!

Why it seems like it was just the other day I was commenting on the proliferation of spurious Charlie Chaplin residences popping up about Hollywood and just the next day Curbed L.A. proved my point (thanks Curbed!) by reporting on an adorable little … Continue reading

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