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URGENT!!! Your Help is Needed NOW to Save the Historic Pickford/Fairbanks Studios!!!

As some of you may have heard, much of the historic old Pickford/Fairbanks/Goldwyn/United Artists/Warner Hollywood Studios (a/k/a The Lot) at Santa Monica Boulevards and Formosa Avenue is threatened with demolition – immediate demolition of some structures unless something is done to … Continue reading

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Sneaking Through the Gates…A Private Tour of a Forgotten Luxury Enclave

Today, one of the ultimate symbols of status is to live in a private community safely hidden away and protected from the outside world by high walls and locked gates. “I’ll leave your name at the guard house,” must be a … Continue reading

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Lost Hollywood – The Enchanted Hill of Fred Thomson and Frances Marion

One of the great “power” couples of silent Hollywood, Fred Thomson and Frances Marion were counted among Cinemaland’s most popular pairs during the ten years they spent together in the heady twenties before their fairy tale existence was shattered by … Continue reading

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You Don’t Know Jack – A Second Take on Jack Pickford – Part II

And now Part II of You Don’t Know Jack. Part I may be found here. Why always the blustering hero? Why not make him more human? …Why not have him lose out lots of times – make him ridiculous, sometimes, … Continue reading

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You Don’t Know Jack – A Second Take on Jack Pickford – Part I

Today marks the anniversary of the birth of one John Charles Smith better known to the world as Mr. Jack Pickford. If this news suddenly fills you with the mad desire to run out and wildly celebrate till the wee … Continue reading

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Nellie Naysayer Wants to Rain on the Parade Again…

Our old (and I do mean old) friend Nellie Naysayer has been deceptively quiet lately with her bursitis and all, but after spying some recent postings about Hollywood’s famous Chateau Le Trianon Apartments having been built by Mary Pickford and Douglas … Continue reading

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Whatever Became of the “Honeymoon” Cottage?

How better to celebrate Valentine’s Day from a historic Hollywood architectural standpoint than a remembrance of Wallace Neff’s noble failure, the “Honeymoon Cottage?” Although architects and city planners had wrestled with it from time immemorial, the quest to provide affordable … Continue reading

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