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URGENT!!! Your Help is Needed NOW to Save the Historic Pickford/Fairbanks Studios!!!

As some of you may have heard, much of the historic old Pickford/Fairbanks/Goldwyn/United Artists/Warner Hollywood Studios (a/k/a The Lot) at Santa Monica Boulevards and Formosa Avenue is threatened with demolition – immediate demolition of some structures unless something is done to … Continue reading

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Stars With Big Heads

Everyone knows movie stars have to have enormous egos, otherwise they couldn’t be movie stars, right? Well, here are a few stars with really big heads – papier-mache ones that is, part of a group of 14 Big-Headed stars sent … Continue reading

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Nellie Naysayer Wants to Rain on the Parade Again…

Our old (and I do mean old) friend Nellie Naysayer has been deceptively quiet lately with her bursitis and all, but after spying some recent postings about Hollywood’s famous Chateau Le Trianon Apartments having been built by Mary Pickford and Douglas … Continue reading

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