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Big Architects, Small Commissions – Gordon B. Kaufmann Does A Little Shopping (Center) in Glendale

In the acting profession there’s an old axiom that goes something like “no small parts only small actors.” The same is just as true for architects. In the hands of a talented architect even the most innocuous little building, be … Continue reading

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Where in the Sam Hill(s) is It? – The Verdugo Hills, That’s Where!

I’m thrilled to announce that Miss G, an eagle-eyed reader of PARADISE LEASED has spotted, identified and bagged our wily mystery house, which I posted in Where in the Sam Hill(s) is It?, just a few days past. The charming … Continue reading

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Casa Verdugo – Old L.A.’s Famous Restaurant “Out Glendale Way”

Today, it’s just a house, albeit a charming house, but just a house on an innocuous street in the innocuous L.A. bedroom community of Glendale. These days, passersby might not even give it a second glance, but in the first … Continue reading

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