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Villa Leon – A Seaside Dream Realized

Commanding a high eminence above the breakers of the blue Pacific, the Villa Leon has been a Southern California landmark ever since its completion some eighty-five years ago, an edifice so stately and dramatic it is frequently confused for the … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Old Old Spaghetti Factory Building 1924-2012

Yesterday a demolition crew pretty had much wiped out all that remained of the decrepit old Old Spaghetti Factory Building at 5939 Sunset Boulevard at the corner of Gordon Street. For years the building had been shuttered pending plans to build … Continue reading

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This Week’s Fabulous “House of Mystery” is Just Daring You to Find It…

Okay, the brilliant detectives that make up the readers of PARADISE LEASED have had a 100% success rate in solving the mysteries of our HOUSE OF MYSTERY questions and have discovered the locations of some pretty cool houses in the process. … Continue reading

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Along the Coast Highway 1936

Travellers up and down the Coast Highway in the mid-1930’s were highly encouraged to stop and take a look at the unusual home of Mr. R.H. Stiles (how could they not?!), which was made, it is said, from “David Copperfield’s boat,” … Continue reading

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Our Latest “House of Mystery” Case Has Been Solved!

Great news! Thanks to yet another eagle-eyed reader of PARADISE LEASED our latest House of Mystery has been identified and it’s a good one too. It turns out the house is none other than the George C. Rew Residence (Rew-Sharp House) … Continue reading

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Then and Now – 2400 Inverness Avenue Los Feliz

I’m a big fan of Curbed L.A. for so many different reasons, but one of them is they are always on top of finding interesting houses for sale including their post yesterday on the wonderful Spanish home that just came on … Continue reading

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A Stroll Through The Park – Some Vintage Echo Park Postcards

When the City first began draining the 21 million gallons of water out of historic Echo Park Lake as part a much-needed, two-year, $65,000,000 rehab there was much speculation over what might be found at the bottom of the 13-acre … Continue reading

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Another “House of Mystery” Awaiting Rediscovery

The sharp-minded readers of PARADISE LEASED did so well in tracking down the location of our last Mystery House that I wanted to try again and send out a new challenge for you.  Put your best detective skills on for … Continue reading

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