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The Hollywood That Never Was – Behemoth Hotels in Beachwood Canyon

In 1908, the foothills and canyons of Hollywood were still largely undeveloped, more the denizen of jackrabbits and coyotes than of humans. And yet, even at this early stage in Hollywood’s development, there were some who envisioned great building projects where only … Continue reading

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Incident at the Hotel Arcadia

When it opened with a gala ball on the evening of January 24, 1887, the elegant Hotel Arcadia became Santa Monica’s first luxury hotel and the second largest, next to Pasadena’s Raymond, in all of Southern California. Built at the … Continue reading

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Charlie Chaplin Slept Here. No, Really.

If you’ve ever tried to rent a vintage apartment in Hollywood chances are you have been told that Charlie Chaplin, Valentino and/or Marilyn Monroe built it/used to live there/now haunt it and/or that Gable & Lombard used it as a “love … Continue reading

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Old Hollywood’s New Hollywood Boulevard Apartment-Hotel

At the northwest corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Garfield Place, there stands today nothing but a large vacant lot presided over by two venerable palm trees. The grand old trees are the only evidence remaining of what was once one … Continue reading

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Santa Barbara Biltmore – Then & Now

Every year, more historic sites are torn down or remodeled beyond  recognition. Once in a while, it’s nice to get a look at something that has managed to age gracefully (and I don’t mean Dolores Del Rio, although she most … Continue reading

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